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Cocoon + 0-9m
Cocoon + 0-9m

Cocoon + 0-9m

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Our Cocoon+ is ideal for supervised rest and play time. The Cocoon+ is our premier and most popular Cocoon. 


  • A thicker foam pad base
  • Custom fit cover with zippers and carrying handles
  • A buckle at the bottom to expand the length of the Cocoon by 5”
  • A custom-fit liner that is absorbent, leak-proof, removable and washable to protect from diaper or bottle leaks.
  • A custom fit traveling case


  • Cover Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Bottom Pad: Memory Foam
  • Liner: Cotton velvet and 5MM Sponge
*All filling and materials are sourced from premier suppliers with hygienic and non-toxic properties verified by testing reports


 FAQ - What makes the Cocoon+ different from the Cocoon? 

Answer: 3 things. 1) the foam pad base is thicker. Giving your babe an extra level of comfort. 2) the custom fit cover with zipper and carrying handles. SO convenient when you are moving your cocoon on the go! 3) the buckle at the bottom of the Cocoon+ that provides 5" of extra space.